No. The farm is not open to the public for visiting, pick-your-own, camping or exploring without our express permission.

We are friendly (really!) however the farm is also our home, and we value our privacy. Thank you for understanding!

We do host private events here, which you can learn more about at Cloud Mountain Living Arts.

All our flowers are field grown, which means we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. We can predict in a general way when our crops are available (see our “what’s-in-season” chart), and we feel pretty confident at predicting two weeks ahead of time when we will be harvesting certain crops.

No.  Here in Roxbury we sell only what we grow, and do not buy from other growers to fill orders.

During the growing season, we email out availability sheets as flowers become available (you can sign up on this page) .    Each email contains the available cut flowers, numbers of stems per bunch and cost per bunch. Everything is bunched; we don’t sell loose stems. Once you receive the cut flower list and you’ve pulled together an order, email us at or call the sales office at 802-485-5150. We will be happy to help you through your order. We do encourage you to order quickly as flowers tend to sell out.

We are happy to reserve something if we feel certain we will have it, but that is usually a two-week lead time. As long as you understand that we are not in control of the weather, we can work with you.

Yes, we do have a small minimum of one box, and we have a range of box sizes.Our smallest box can fit 2-5 bunches (20-50 stems) of Peonies, and our largest can fit up to 20 bunches (200 stems). We will also pack a mixed box of different varieties, and also different crops.

We ship everything through FedEx Priority Overnight. We ship flowers Monday through Thursday only, not on Friday or weekends. Please read our shipping and returns policy.

If you want to come to the farm to pick up your order, you can do that too. Please order and schedule a pick-up time beforehand. We are not a retail operation, so all on-farm pick-ups must be scheduled in advance.

No. We are a cut flower farm selling to wholesale distributors and florists, and are not event planners or designers. We do not sell equipment for floral arranging such as vases, foam or flower food.

For all customers, we now require a credit card payment at the time you place your order. We will not ship an order without payment.

While our main crops are late-season hellebore, lilac and peonies, we grow many other beautiful cut flowers and flowering branches. You can view them at Our Flowers.