• farm family, 2020

When you buy from us, you are supporting sustainable agriculture and a family-run farm in rural Vermont.

Flowers with Integrity:

We grow everything using organic practices. While we are not a certified organic farm, we are committed to growing that way. All our fields are managed using OMRI listed products for certified organic farms. You can rest assured no toxic chemicals were used on our flowers.

Everything we sell we grow ourselves. We are shipping you farm fresh flowers or roots from our beautiful farm and no where else.  We planted, grew and harvested every flower with love!

Fresh and Local:

By buying direct from a Vermont flower farm, you are supporting flowers grown in your region that are seasonal and fresh.  We can ship directly to your florist shop or floral design studio and save you money, save the flowers extra handling and save a little wear and tear on Mother Earth. You will see a difference! Support the “slow flower”movement and buy US grown flowers and roots from a small grower like us.

Know thy Grower:

By growing flowers with integrity and honesty and by providing a great working environment for our employees, we are trying to bring some heart back to the flower industry. So you can support small family farms like ours and get to know your grower... we are pretty nice folks!